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Case Legal Counsel is committed to helping families through the adoption process throughout the Treasure Valley. Donna Case is a family-centric advocate who, while serving as a prosecuting attorney for child protection cases, discovered her true passion – bringing families together. As a result, adoption is an important legal area Donna is dedicated to working on with parents. She will do her best to develop creative strategies for your case and unite your family swiftly and smoothly. Case Legal Counsel handles all types of adoptions, including:

  • Private Adoptions
  • Public Agency Adoptions
  • Stepparent Adoptions
  • Adult Adoptions
  • Domestic Adoptions
  • International Adoptions
  • LGBTQ+ Adoptions
  • Surrogacy Adoptions
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LGBTQ+ Community & Second Parent Adoptions

Case Legal Counsel is a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community and strives to ensure all of Idaho’s citizens are treated fairly and equally.  As national law recognizes same-sex marriages, same-sex spouses are also legally allowed to adopt jointly in the same way that heterosexual couples are, and there are no special regulations prohibiting LGBTQ+ individuals from doing so.  Idaho Code Ann. § 16-1501 establishes that any adult may petition to adopt a child.

Note that second parent adoptions are also available in Idaho, which allow a child’s sole legal parent to specify a second adult to adopt the child without losing any parental rights, and Idaho Code Ann. § 16-1501 permits any married person to adopt the child of their spouse via stepparent adoption. To learn more about which type of adoption is most suitable for you, Case Legal Counsel can help.

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