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Case Legal Counsel is committed to building families through assisted reproductive technology (“ART”).  ART is a somewhat new area of the law and each state differs, so it is vital to hire an attorney who can guide you through the ART process.  We assist our clients with egg, sperm, or embryo donation contacts, gestational carrier agreements and parentage or second-parent adoptions.

We have represented both Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers We can help guide you through the four stages in this process, which are:

  1. Consult with an attorney to share your fertility journey goals.
  2. Draft, approve, and execute a Gestational Carrier Agreement, after which legal clearance will be sent to your doctors so medical procedures can begin.
  3. After your child is born, establish parental rights by filing the proper documents with Idaho courts to ensure you are the legal parents.
  4. Discuss your estate planning goals to ensure your family is protected in the future.
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