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Spouses who are on amicable terms and can agree about the issues in their divorce may pursue an uncontested divorce in Idaho. Uncontested divorce tends to be quicker and cheaper than contested divorce, so it is a desirable legal option for cooperative spouses. However, it is nonetheless important to have an experienced attorney on your side to ensure your legal rights as a former spouse are being protected. Case Legal Counsel is dedicated to helping clients develop creative solutions to their divorce negotiations, and Donna Case knows how to take the diplomatic and assertive route in your best interests.

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Two Types of Uncontested Divorce

Idaho has two types of uncontested divorce – divorce by default and divorce by stipulation. Divorce by default is when a petitioning spouse files and serves divorce papers to the other spouse, that spouse does not respond within the required 20-day period, resulting in a divorce by default. Divorce by stipulation is when both spouses discuss the terms of their divorce and propose their agreement to a judge for finalization.

Note that spouses must agree on the following in order to seek an uncontested divorce: 

  • child custody and visitation;
  • child support, health and dental insurance, and medical expenses for any shared children;
  • tax deductions and exemptions;
  • division of the marital assets and debts;
  • alimony;
  • the legal reason (“grounds”) for the divorce; or
  • any other dispute involving the marriage.

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