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Case Legal Counsel aims to be your lawyer and your counselor. The firm will put both your practical interests and your personal interests in mind as it helps you negotiate family disputes. Donna Case has experience representing clients in family litigation and can help spouses reach amicable, cooperative agreements. She is a family-centric attorney who knows how important it is to preserve your parental rights in both your and your child’s best interests, so she will do her best to help you and your spouse reach a desirable agreement in a stress-free environment.

What Is Mediation?

Divorcing spouses have a few different options for reaching a settlement agreement, one of which is mediation. Mediation entails an impartial third person mediator sometimes appointed by the court to help parties reach an agreement about divorce issues like custody, visitation, and division of property. The mediator does not have any decision-making power like a judge and rather helps to facilitate conversation between spouses, especially when they face roadblocks and disputes. A mediator might help each person listen to the other’s perspective, communicate their interests and needs, focus on the needs of the children, and reach a final, mutually agreeable plan for the court’s approval.


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